Drew Pomeranz’s Time to Shine

Drew Pomeranz was an often, and perhaps unfairly, overlooked member of the Red Sox last year, but that could change this season. Coming off a year which saw him post a career best (and team co-high) 17 wins, Pomeranz is hopefully ready to take the next step in his progression.

Pomeranz’s career ERA of 3.67, while perfectly respectable, is nothing that pops off the page at first glance, but considering he’s posted one year with an ERA below 2.5 and two more sub-3.35 seasons, plus at least 8 K/9 each of the last 4 years, it’s evident that he has the stuff to succeed at this level.

His issue seems to be control. He’s averaged over 3 BB/9 every year of his career, including 3.6 in 2017. If he can find a way to temper those control issues and bring that BB/9 number down to somewhere around 2.5-2.8, I could see him being a very effective #2 or #3 starter for years to come.

For the 2018 Sox, I expect to see him battling with Porcello for the 3rd spot in the rotation throughout Spring Training, so he’ll trot out in April as either the 3rd or 4th starter. In the middle of the rotation, 12-15 wins and a sub 3.5 ERA would be just fine. Anything extra is a bonus.

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