It’s Time to Kill the Machado Pipe Dream

Attention Red Sox Nation, Manny Machado will not be a Red Sox this year. One more time for the people in the back, MANNY MACHADO WILL NOT BE A RED SOX THIS YEAR! It’s unfortunate that this sentiment even needs to be explained, considering how obvious it is, but that’s besides the point.

There are a lot of fans frustrated with the performances of some Red Sox starters (looking at you, JBJ), and that’s understandable and, to be honest, somewhat warranted. Despite owning a share of 1st place in the AL East and the best record in the MLB, there are some clear and obvious holes in the Boston lineup. For one, Jackie Bradley Jr. is currently hitting .167/.256/.254. The Red Sox catchers are also batting a combined 25-for-141 (.177) with 1 HR, 10 RBI and 27 K’s. Rafael Devers has been decent with the bat but still pretty poor with the glove, and Andrew Benintendi is in the middle of a sophomore slump.

With all of this in consideration, there has been tons of calls for packaging 2 or 3 of those guys together in an attempt to acquire Manny Machado via trade, but here’s why that won’t happen.

1: Devers is only 21-years old, and he has the potential to become one of the best hitters in the league some day. Sure, he’s struggled defensively, and yes, he’s struck out a lot and has at times looked overwhelmed at the plate. But again, he’s 21-years old, and supremely talented. It’s just his first full season in the bigs, and he’s still learning out to hit at a Major League level. He will figure it all out, and the Sox believe in him.

2: Benintendi is also one of the more talented youngsters in the league. He proved that last year, and, despite sitting at just .255 right now, he’s fully expected to find his swing and produce for this club.

So immediately that’s 2 deal-crushing points, but the final point is the true killer.

3: Manny Machado doesn’t want to play in Boston, and he doesn’t want to play 3rd base, which is where he’d end up if the most enticing trade candidate for Baltimore (Devers) is part of the package for him. Add to the fact that he’s a free agent at the end of the season who will likely require a $250-300 million contract to re-sign him long term (money that Boston doesn’t have), and you’re looking at a situation where the Red Sox will basically be trading away at least 1 talented, potentially cornerstone player for a rental.

It’s just not feasible, and it’s time to deal with that.

(Header photo credit: BoSox Injection)

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