Mailbag: 5/12/18

We pick the 5 best, most interesting, most thought provoking and discussion starting questions submitted by fans and answer them to the best of our ability. Questions may be paraphrased for length and comprehension. Joe C. asks: "Do the Red Sox have a legitimate, trustworthy arm in the bullpen that they can consistently use as... Continue Reading →

New Year, Same Old Bullpen

The Boston Red Sox took a 1-run lead into the 8th inning of yesterday's contest vs. the New York Yankees after valiantly battling back from a 2-run deficit earlier in the game. Matt Barnes stepped to the hill and allowed a double, a fielder's choice groundout, and a walk, then got the hook. Craig Kimbrel,... Continue Reading →

Report Cards: April 2018

Alex Cora: A -Cora has led the Red Sox to the best record in the MLB through April in his 1st month as a manager. He's stayed true to his plan and philosophy of getting guys plenty of rest, which has allowed the role players like Moreland and Holt to get enough reps to remain... Continue Reading →

Season Preview: Bullpen

According to ESPN's metrics, the Boston Red Sox Bullpen was the 4th best in the MLB last year. That's an especially impressive ranking considering the personnel that comprises that staff. Aside from lights out closer Craig Kimbrel, the rest of the Sox 'pen includes rookies and question marks. Boston didn't address the bullpen in free... Continue Reading →

Report Cards: Spring Training

Yesterday and today's games vs. the Cubs are technically informal exhibitions, meaning Spring Training is officially finished for the Boston Red Sox. So, with the Major League roster set, today will be the first installment of my monthly "Report Cards" series, in which I'll be handing out grades for each player in the squad. Obviously,... Continue Reading →

Two Big Bullpen Questions

The Red Sox bullpen is one of mystery. Aside from automatic closer Craig Kimbrel, it's comprised of guys like Matt Barnes and Joe Kelly, who are all very hit-or-miss; we're never too sure what we're going to get when they walk through the bullpen doors and make the trek to the mound. Despite those uncertainties,... Continue Reading →

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